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About Random

I am Suzie, and this business is a little bit crazy and totally random! Which is a bit like me. I love to get up and think what shall I create today? 

It can be fun, or serious, or just something that pops into my head on the day.  

Luv A Lolly is also part of the shop so all your sweet needs are met, along with totally Random gifts and hampers.

In this ever changing world sometimes we just need a good laugh. My motto is if you don’t laugh you go crazy!

So from socks to dessert boxes to unicorns, there is sure to be something for someone or everyone. 

Suzie 🙂

What is Suzie’s Pick

“Suzie’s Pick” is me creating something for either an occasion or I just feel like making something and decide to put it on the website.

It could be around for a week, day or when it sells out! (Or I change my mind!) So it will be totally random! 

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